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Alt to Legend (v0.50)

This is a neat Plugin!Installation.
Simply download the plugin, unzip it and copy the php file in the plugin directory of your wordpress installation. Then activate it from the admin panel. You can customize the behavior of Alt-2-Legend from a new panel that will appear under the ‘Option’ page in the admin panel.

How to use.
Once your plugin is installed, it is ready to use. Simply insert an image in your post as you normally do and provide a description in the title textbox of the popup window. The text specified in the alt field or title field (your choice) will appear under the image. You can then decide the relative position of the images in the posts under the option page in the admin panel. Image can float always left, always right or according to the align parameter (meaning different post by post if you wish so).

Current version of the plugin is 0.5, released on 5.10.2009. The plugin has been tested only on WP 2.7.1. If you have other experience on other versions of WP please leave a comment here.

The plug-in is released under GPL license, meaning it’s free. If you like it or if you need help feel free to leave a comment here – and hopefully I will get some monetary feedback from the people who will find interesting ads to click on.

-First release

-Add a preview pane in the admin panel
-Add a easy-update link in the admin panel
-Set the width of the box sourrounding the image as big as the image itself

-Fixed the ‘use no border’ bug
-Use local/relative URI for images hosted on localserver (solves error:
getimagesize(): URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration )
-Image can float constantly left, constantly right or left/right according to the align parameter

-Fixed several bugs
-Add the padding and margin settings to adjust border of the image

-Works with an unlimited number of images -Image box will fit also when image is resized using the width parameter

-Will work only if image tag contains the magic word “alt2legend”.
E.g.:<img src="image.jpg" alt="This is a caption" alt2legend />
Also, included in wordpress plugin repository.
Take a look also to my other plugin, fancy-pullquotes.