Fancy Pull-quotes (v0.85)

Simply download the plugin, unzip it and copy the php file in the plugin directory of your wordpress installation. Then activate it from the admin panel and you are ready to go. The plugin is fully customizable from a page in the admin control panel.Note: if you are upgrading the plugin from an older version I recommend to first click the “restore all options to default” link.

How to use.
Simply surround the text that you want to see as pull-quote by the following tags: <!--pull--> and <!--/pull-->. The plugin will automatically scan your post for the text included with these tags and treat it as pull-quotes. Getting those
effects is
as easy as that!
Getting those nice effects is as easy as that! If you don’t like the tags as they are or if you want to change the look of the pulled quote, you can do it from the control page in the admin panel of wordpress. The quote is formatted using a CSS definition: if you are an advanced user (i.e. if you know a bit of CSS) you can hack the CSS style in every part.

Detailed instruction.

Open and Close tags: you can define which tag to be used as markers for the pulled quote. Default are <!–pull–> and <!–/pull–>. These tags are transparent by default meaning that if you check the “Mirror quote” option you can activate or inactivate the plugin at any time without changing the layout of your posts.

Background Color: Choose background color. Use same color as your normal background to make it transparent.

Text Color: Choose text color. You can use hexadecimal values (for instance: #0AFF44)

Max Width: specifies the maximal width allowed

Pullquote position: pullquote position in the page (left or right)

Border color, size, style: define border properties

Mirror quote: leave unchecked if you want to use a quote that won’t show in the text of your post (for instance: if you want to have the pullquote to appear at the very top of your post you can uncheck the “mirror quote” checkbox and insert the pulled quoted as first thing in your wordpress post)

Current version of the plugin is 0.85, released on 4.19.2007. The plugin has been tested and working WP 2.0.x and 2.1.x. If you have other experience on other versions of WP please leave a comment here and I’ll udate this paragraph.

The plug-in is released under GPL license, meaning it’s free. If you like it or if you need help feel free to leave a comment here. (did you note that I installed some ads on this page? maybe you can find a couple of minute to check if there is anything interesting to you…)
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