Here is a list of software I created/contributed available for download. All software listed on this page is released under GPL license or similar (meaning they are free to use and they are open source). Most of this stuff, and more, is available on the lab github.

  • pySolo
    pySolo is a suite for sleep analysis in Drosophila. It is easy to use, intuitive, amazingly fast and easily expandable. pySolo is absolutely free and released as open source project. It runs on any OS.
    published paper | web | pySolo github
  • pySolo-Video (discontinued)
    A module for video analysis of sleep: it uses regular webcams and infrared lighting. A complete system able to monitor 1500 flies could be setup for anything between $1000 and $3000.
    paper | pySolo Video github
  • Ethoscopes
    Ethoscopes are way more than just the natural evolution of pySolo-Video. They are machines able to detect behaviour in fruit flies using an inexpensive, open source hardware suite.
    paper | web | github
  • Rethomics
    The R Package that we currenlty use to analyse ethoscope data.
    web | github
  • pyREM
    A python package for automatic sleep staging on EEG/EOG data.
    web | github