Gilestro's laboratory @ Imperial College London


Here is a list of software I created / contributed available for download. All software listed on this page is released under GPL license or similar (meaning they are free to use and they are open source). Most of this stuff, and more, is available on github.

pySolo is a complete suite for sleep analysis in Drosophila. Complete means can be used at any stage of the experiment, from data acquisition to data analysis. It is easy to use, intuitive, amazingly fast and easily expandable. Acquisition can be done either using the common IR monitors or video imaging. A module for video analysis is also provided: it uses regular webcams and infrared lighting. A complete system able to monitor 1500 flies could be setup for anything between $1000 and $3000. pySolo is absolutely free and released as open source project. It runs on any OS.
published paper | web | pySolo github | pySolo Video github

Filtered Pubmed.
From this page you can interrogate Pubmed in a smarter way.

Videocapture for Linux.
Python wrapper to opencv that allow linux users to access any webcam connected to their machine using the same syntax of the videocapture module for windows.

Upload your Nike+ data to the official Nike+ website without using iTunes. Comes a commandline utility (all OSs) and a gnome screenlet for linux
script | script + screenlet |github

Firefox imgur uploader
This addon let you upload any image found on the web directly on, with a simple right-mouse click. Just move your mouse on the image, select “upload image on imgur” and ready you are! The URL of the newly uploaded image is automatically copied in the clipboard.

win googlizer
A googlizer clone for Windows. Written in python and compiled with py2exe
web | github

Older / minor / less supported stuff

Replace accents (here). This is a took for Italian users who do are used to type apostrophes instead of accents.

PCR XLS plate (xls). A XLS file filled with macros. It saves a lot of time setting up plates of PCRs and sequencing. Works on Excel and OpenOffice.

Flybase myCroft plugin (here) Search Flybase directly from your browser or using gnome-do (via myCroft)

Fancy Pullquotes (here) A wordpress plugin to format beautiful pullquotes

Alt-to-Legend (here) A wordpress plugin to convert images descriptions in captions. NB: this function is now natively implemented in WordPress > 3.0

I am a passionate Linux user. My distro of choice at the moment is Archlinux for which I mantain a handful of packages. I collect tips and tricks about linux on my technical blog, sudobangblog.