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If you are reading this page it is most likely because you are supposed to come and see our lab at Imperial College London.

The lab is located in the Sir Ernst Chain (SEC) / Wolfson Building in the South Kensington Campus. Be aware that the building was known as Biochemstry Building until not so long ago and some people may still refer to it by the old name.

To get there, take the tube till South Kensington Station (District, Circle or Piccadilly line). Take the exit North (i.e. on your right as you climb the stairs), and walk through Exhibition Road towards the Museums / Hyde Park. Immediately after the Science Museum, take a left turn and enter Imperial College Campus. The Queen Tower and Queen’s Lawn will be on your right, the Library in front of the lawn. The Biochemistry building is the last glass building on the left hand side, just before the gate on the other side of the yard.


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Entrance to the SEC Building


Enter the building and ask the receptionist to call Giorgio. The office is on the fourth floor (room 408) and the phone extension is 45443.

Full signature / contact details.

Giorgio F. Gilestro
Department of Life Sciences
Room 408, Wolfson Building
South Kensington Campus,
Imperial College London,
London SW7 2AZ 

tel: +44 (0)20 7594 5443
fax: +44 (0)20 7594 7628

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