We love explaining the public what we do – and also what we don’t. We usually take on any invitation to come and talk about our research, whether in schools or other public events. Below is a list of past and future outreach activities, and some photos.If you want to hear about our work, please feel free to drop a line and we will be happy to accommodate.

Please note: we often receive invitations to come and talk at secondary schools and we gladly oblige with a seminar. However, if you are interested in such an event I would recommend to reserve at least 2 hours of your time because it is a better investment of time for everybody: me and you. Coming to talk at a school often means I am dedicating half a day to it so we may as well combine the seminar with an informal, longer Q&A session and discuss other stuff too, such as University admissions, life as researchers, you name it.

All outreach in schools is done pro-bono but if your school is in the independent sector I will kindly ask for travel reimbursement.

Video, Photos and Audios

Past outreach events


April – Giorgio gave a seminar at the Tonbridge boarding school
May – The whole lab organised a special stand at the annual Imperial Festival
May – Giorgio gave a seminar at the Judd School, in Tonbridge.


April – Giorgio gave a seminar at the North London Collegiate School


September – the lab had a stand at the second Imperial Festival
October – Giorgio discussed the goals and goods of Open Access publishing at the largest conference on Science policy and Outreach, SpotON