If you are a Linux user you probably already know and appreciate that (amazingly) simple piece of software that is googlizer. If you don’t know what I am talking about: googlizer is a tiny gnome applet that sits in your taskbar; everytime you click on it, it will start a google search using the text in your clipboard as query. Just select the text using your mouse to copy it in the clipboard, then click on the G icon of googlizer and voila, your google search is already waiting for you in your favorite browser.

Being myself a ubuntu user I love the googlizer but sometimes I need to work on computers running windows OSs. I decided to invest 20 minutes of my time (while waiting the confocal to do its work) to make a windows clone of Googlizer.

You can dowload it from here (it’s free, as in free beer of course). To completely emulate X copy&paste functions you may want to consider using True X-Mouse Gizmo as well.
Is written in Python then compiled to exe using py2exe and the installer is build using Inno Setup. In case you are interested in the source, here you’ll find the python code for wingooglizer, the py2exe setup file and the iss inno script.

WinGooglizer works fine on windows xp, sp3. I guess it will work on any Windows OS. Enjoy and let me know how it works for you.

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