Ethoscopes: An Open Platform For High-Throughput Ethomics

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Ethoscopes: An Open Platform For High-Throughput Ethomics
Geissmann Q, Garcia Rodriguez L, Beckwith EJ, French AS, Jamasb AR, Gilestro GF

We present ethoscopes, machines for high-throughput ethomics in Drosophila and other animals. Ethoscopes present four unique features: they provide a software and hardware solution that is reproducible and easily scalable; they perform not just real-time tracking, but faithful real-time profiling of behaviour using a supervised machine learning algorithm; they can stimulate flies in a feedback-loop mode; they are highly customisable and open source. Ethoscopes can be easily built using 3D printing technology and they rely on Raspberry Pi and Arduino to provide affordable and flexible hardware.

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Supplementary material.

Supplementary material 1 – webGL model of the ethoscope.
Supplementary material 2 – instruction booklet for the LEGOscope
Supplementary material 3 – instruction booklet for the PAPERscope
Supplementary Video 1 – Introduction to the ethoscope platform.
Supplementary Video 2 – The optogenetics component of the optomotor in action.